Jovanna M. Schlossenberg Publisher/Author

CEO and Editor in Chief.

Nice, funny, loyal and loves to write and has decided to do that the rest of her life!

Brian Schlossenberg President of Operations


Down-to-earth, matter of fact and gets the job done!

Chase Schlossenberg Jr. Editor in Chief

Junior Editor and Editor

Smart, charismatic and awesome! Can spot something out of place faster then the rest of the company. Voted "top kid" in our home, 12yrs running, he's someone you should watch out for. 

Today, tomorrow and definitely in the future!

Jessica Wright Brand Ambassador and Writer


So thankful, Schloss Publishing snagged her up in the beginning! 

Support her self written debut novel "Perception". 

Please complete contact section to request a copy.

Bob Brazelton Volunteer


Someone had to help us!